Mitali Akal Nampreet

You are the master of your destiny, you are the prediction of your horoscope, you are the leader of your day, you are the light of your life.

(Yogi Bhajan)

Mitali Akal Nampreet is the founder and CEO of kundaliniglow.

She is a student of Kundalini Yoga under Guru Jagat, Harijiwan, Tej Kaur Khalsa and Gurujas at RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science & Technology.

As an Aquarian Teacher of Kundalini Yoga, Mitali is passionate about creating supportive and inclusive communities, dissolving subconcious blocks that keep us from being our most magnetic and radiant selves and helping you to befriend your soul to live a more wholesome, magical and fulfilled life.

Mitali is also the Sound Current of  “The Sat Nam Sessions”.

„To transform the world, it begins with transforming your heart.“ (Guru Jagat)